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Most people who have been around MLM and network marketing for any length of time will agree that a 2 x 15 matrix is very attractive. Well, we’ve figured out a way to spice it up and make even more attractive.

One of the drawing factors to the 2 x 15 matrix is the ease in filling it. Statistically it has been proven that most people will refer at least 2 people to a business opportunity. So, it seems quite easy to work a 2 x 15 matrix.

When people refer 2 distributors to our biz op they then qualify for a free re-entry position into the next available spot in the matrix. They have 30 days to activate the account once they qualify. Failure to activate the account will cause it to be purged, for good. If the account is activated then the distributor will have 30 days to refer 2 new distributors. Failure to refer 2 will see the position purged. If they refer one, but not two, then the person who was referred will fall into the position being purged, to avoid any holes in the matrix.

This free position is not commissionable to the upline because no money was spent to secure the position. But, all positions beneath the free re-entry position is commissionable to the upline.

Each time a distributor refers two new distributors to qualify for free re-entry. Any commissions earned on the free re-entry positions are paid to the original position, to the person owning the free re-entry positions.

As mentioned in a previous post (click here to read) fast-start bonuses can be earned on 4 levels when distributors refer other distributors. Fast-start bonuses can easily account for much of a distributor’s income, especially if they are actively referring other distributors.

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