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The Beginning – Ironically

Today marks the beginning (ironically) of a journey that began more than a year ago. Let me explain. In August of 2013 I set out to create a MLM opportunity that would serve the members in a way that no other MLM was doing. I wasn’t trying to re-invent the wheel by starting a MLM business because, Lord knows, there’s plenty of MLM opportunities online and offline. I’ve been around MLM since 1999 (working this type of business full time) and I’ve seen a lot of compensation plans. What I discovered about many of these plans is that they benefit the company, oftentimes, more than they benefit the members. I wanted to change that and so my journey began. It took more than a year to get to this point where my team and I felt we had the “best kept secret” in the MLM world of compensation plans. The details of our comp plan I will not outline here, simply because it’s covered elsewhere on the website as well as in great detail during our daily webinars. Suffice it to say, our purge and compression feature will have other MLM comp plans shaking in disbelief. Why? Because we dare to do what others won’t. That is, we eliminate breakage and don’t allow “dead wood” to remain in the module. This ensures we payout MORE than other comp plans who allow breakage and dead wood to remain. So, why did I start off saying this is the beginning of a journey that started more than a year ago? Because today, October 7, 2014 we open our doors to the public so anyone who wants to increase their cash flow can do so. We are ready. The products are state-of-the-art. The comp plan is every MLMer’s “chocolate.” Yes, it’s that good. Check us out. Begin your journey with...

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PiP Has a NEW Owner

For all legal intents and purposes Premier Income Plan, otherwise known as PiP, has a new owner, Hyphen Tech Inc. So what does this mean in the broad scheme of things? Let’s explore it, shall we? Formerly owned and operated by Top Dog Advantage Inc., we decided that we needed to keep the MLM side of business away from our traditional software research and develpment efforts. To accomplish this we created a NEW company and named it more appropriately in line with what PiP is all about, that is; technology – connecting people. Nothing changes with regards to current and future plans. Both companies, owned and operated by Rodney Brace, will work together to develop and market leading edge products and services. PiP Associates will continue to receive the same level of support and dedication to making PiP the “one to watch” program. The only change is the company name. So, further commission payments will be sent out from Hyphen Tech Inc. and product purchases will be made payable to Hyphen Tech Inc. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get back to what’s REALLY important, increasing cash flow and enjoying MORE time...

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Important Updates

WOW…. it’s been a full year since we lit a spark to develop an MLM opportunity. In August of 2013 I had an idea (which I can only describe as Divine enlightening). The idea was to box our products in a portfolio of services at a MUCH reduced price than what they each sell for separately. Then, to wrap this in a business model where affiliates (associates) could earn unparalleled residual income, allowing them to increase their cash flow and to have more time freedom. We Did It! If you look back over past blog postings you will see that what as emerged as a result of our efforts in the beginnning, to create the best opportunity possible, absolutely resembles nothing to what we started with. Remember, we started with an idea. From there we tweaked, modified, adapted and tweaked some more and then we did it all over again. Diamonds Don’t Just Happen If you know anything about how diamonds are formed then you know it is under crushing pressures and intense heat. Diamonds don’t just happen. They are formed through an intense process. So it has been with Premier Income Plan. It has undergone much pressure and intense heat and what has emerged is nothing short of the BEST online opportunity available today. If people visiting our website rely solely on past blog postings to conclude an understanding of our business model then they will be ill informed, due to the evolution of PiP (Premier Income Plan). However, we will leave the blogs in tact simply so others will know the process and growth we have undergone to get to where we are today. We are extremely proud of our accomplishment. If you want to know more about our products and/or our opportunity then simply review the website and/or call me. I’d be happy to share our cash flow system with you and explain our...

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Get Ready For Disappointment

Are you looking for money for nothing? Well, get ready for disappointment. Receiving something for nothing is against natural law (cause and effect). You do nothing, you get nothing. You do something, you get something. Simple, right? Of course it is. So, how does that apply to an MLM business opportunity? There is a misconception out there that MLM is easy and all you have to do is join such a business and do nothing and you will earn residual income. HOGWASH! Sure, you might earn a few dollars but you WILL NOT earn an income. It’s against natural law (cause and effect). You talk to any successful MLMer and they will tell you that they worked HARD to earn their income. Sure, they might not have to work hard today and it might be as simple as joining an opportunity and then mailing their list to have hundreds, or thousands follow them. But you can be sure they worked hard early on in their quest for residual income to establish and build their business. Again, cause and effect. You work hard, you reap the wards. Don’t misunderstand me. You can work hard doing it wrong and not reap the rewards you expect, but you will reap something. Doing it wrong means getting the wrong outcome. Do it right, with ┬áthe right opportunity and the right team and natural law will prevail. If you are looking for a great business opportunity then take a look at Premier Income Plan. We have the products, the team and the comp plan to help you succeed. But, you have to do something (cause) to create the residual income (effect) that you desire. Here’s what you must do: a) You have to subscribe to one of our products. b) You have to refer 2 people to our business opportunity. That’s it. What? You were expecting something more? You want more? OKAY! Duplicate. Do it all again next month: a) Stay subscribed to one of our products and b) refer 2 more people (optional) to our business opportunity and your income will grow. This is a recipe for any MLM business...

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2014 Plans

What are your plans for 2014? Most people want to experience some changes with each passing year. I’ve been told by a lot of people that they want to make more money, especially in 2014. Why? Because the past few years have been especially hard on the average middle to low income families. Well, it doesn’t have to be, not any more. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can make all the difference. I feel that is the case with our Premier Income Plan. We are embarking on a new journey in 2014. We have proven products (been around for awhile), a proven comp plan (been tested and proven for more than 9 years) and a team that will see it through. So, what are your plans for 2014? Do you want change? Do you want more (of anything)? Join us and in 2015 you’ll look back and say, “YES! It was my...

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Online Video Presentation

Today I uploaded an overview video on YouTube about our business opportunity. I also embedded the video on the website. Sometimes seeing it, as opposed to only hearing it, gives a different perspective altogether. I think this is the case here. Never before have I been so excited about an opportunity; the products (first), the comp plan second. Without GREAT products an opportunity won’t last. That isn’t a problem here. So, great products lead to a great business opportunity with a GREAT pay plan. Check out the video and I’m sure you will agree that this one’s a...

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