Compensation Plan Explained


A great business opportunity requires a great compensation plan. Our 3 x 8 (with infinity option) Cash Flow Module delivers a second-to-none comp plan that ensures longevity, sustainability and profitability.

When an entrepreneur joins our team they¬†assume a position in the company’s cash flow module. We have ONLY one module, also known as a matrix. 2x15Each associate can then earn on 8 levels beneath them with an option to extend beyond 8 levels. With a full module an associate can be earning $32,000.00+ monthly. Associates also earn 100% matching commissions on ALL of their referrals. This means whatever their referrals earn, the sponsor earns it as well. If that isn’t enough they can activate¬†free re-entry positions (upon qualification) and increase their cash flow to almost any amount they want. This “free re-entry” is why we call it a 3 x 8 with an infinity option cash flow module. Each associate decides the debth they want to create.


Commission Qualification

We would be kidding ourselves, and doing an injustice to you, if we said sponsoring new associates isn’t part of the plan… it is. MLM is all about helping others find a business to join and to grow their networks. However, it isn’t necessary to sponsor anyone into our program in order to get paid. As long as associates’ accounts are in good standing and there are paying associates beneath them in the module then upline associates get paid when commissions are run. We believe that because of the 100% matching commissions people will want to sponsor as opposed to “having” to sponsor.


Direct Sales Commissions

In addition, associates can earn commissions for direct sales. Our opportunity is not ALL about sponsoring other associates. Our direct selling model allows associates to sell our services to end-users who do not want to join our MLM opportunity but want to user our products/services. These sales are commissionable in the matrix while protecting customers’ user information.


FREE re-entry When an associate refers three new enrollees to our cash flow module and these three refer three each, that associate then qualifies for a FREE re-entry position into the module. It’s a free position so the associate doesn’t pay for the position and they acquire no additional product(s). No commission is paid on this position either, because no money has come in to pay for the position. free-re-entryThe associate will have 60 days to activate this position once qualified. Failure to activate the position will cause it to be purged from our system with no chance of recovery. If the position is activated then the associate MUST refer three new enrollees to the cash flow module within 60 days of activation to maintain and earn commissions on this position. If the three required enrollees are not sponsored then the obligation is not met and this free re-entry position is purged. The associate can continue to refer others to the business and can qualify for additional free re-entry positions each time they refer three new enrollees who each refer 3 new enrollees to the cash flow module.

Every time a free re-entry position is activated and qualified it extends the original 8 level module down even further.

By permitting multi-positions within an associate’s original module it’s possible to continue sponsoring and building through unlimited depth.

Commissions earned from the free re-entry positions are paid to the original associate’s account.


Commission run Commissions, including 100% matching commissions, are paid twice monthly.


Fast Start Bonus In addition to monthly commission distributors can earn Fast-Start bonuses that are paid WEEKLY (every Friday). The cut off is Saturday. So, Fast-Start bonuses that are earned between Sunday and Saturday will be paid the following Friday.

Fast-Start bonuses are earned from start-up fees. Each associate pays a $79 start-up fee. Fast Start Bonuses are explained in terms of “coded infinity bonuses” and “matching coded infinity bonuses.” The Fast Start Bonus plan can be a little confusing to read so we will not explain it here. Simply go to our main page and watch the presentation overview toward the bottom of the page. Everything is explained there.

Associates can be earning and receiving cash EVERY week in addition to regular monthly commissions.


Payment Processor We accept VISA, Master Card and pre-paid cards. We DO NOT accept debit cards, unfortunately, at least not at this time. We will eventually accept debit cards. Credit card processing is done through our own merchant account and processed through


Commission Payouts We use Payoneer to pay commissions. Associates have a choice of direct deposit into their bank account or can have commissions loaded onto a pre-paid Mastercard.