Fast Start Bonuses

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One of the awesome attractions to our business opportunity is the fast-start bonus that is earned on 4 levels and paid weekly. Even before earning your first month’s commissions you can receive up to 4 fast start bonus payouts. Of course, it depends on your participation in sponsoring other distributors.

Distributors pay a one-time start-up fee of $24.99. They earn 25% of the start-up fee when they refer new distributors. They then earn 10% when their direct referrals refer distributors. They earn 10% when those people refer new distributors and 5% when those people refer new distributors. I hope that isn’t confusing. You can learn more about it at any of our webinars held multiple times each week.

We paid out thousands in fast-start bonuses during our first week of pre-launch and we are looking forward to paying out a lot more.

Attend any of webinars to learn more.

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