Important Updates

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WOW…. it’s been a full year since we lit a spark to develop an MLM opportunity.

In August of 2013 I had an idea (which I can only describe as Divine enlightening). The idea was to box our products in a portfolio of services at a MUCH reduced price than what they each sell for separately. Then, to wrap this in a business model where affiliates (associates) could earn unparalleled residual income, allowing them to increase their cash flow and to have more time freedom.

We Did It!

If you look back over past blog postings you will see that what as emerged as a result of our efforts in the beginnning, to create the best opportunity possible, absolutely resembles nothing to what we started with. Remember, we started with an idea. From there we tweaked, modified, adapted and tweaked some more and then we did it all over again.

Diamonds Don’t Just Happen

If you know anything about how diamonds are formed then you know it is under crushing pressures and intense heat. Diamonds don’t just happen. They are formed through an intense process. So it has been with Premier Income Plan. It has undergone much pressure and intense heat and what has emerged is nothing short of the BEST online opportunity available today.

If people visiting our website rely solely on past blog postings to conclude an understanding of our business model then they will be ill informed, due to the evolution of PiP (Premier Income Plan). However, we will leave the blogs in tact simply so others will know the process and growth we have undergone to get to where we are today. We are extremely proud of our accomplishment.

If you want to know more about our products and/or our opportunity then simply review the website and/or call me. I’d be happy to share our cash flow system with you and explain our products.

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