PiP Has a NEW Owner

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New ownership

For all legal intents and purposes Premier Income Plan, otherwise known as PiP, has a new owner, Hyphen Tech Inc. So what does this mean in the broad scheme of things? Let’s explore it, shall we?

Hyphen Tech

Formerly owned and operated by Top Dog Advantage Inc., we decided that we needed to keep the MLM side of business away from our traditional software research and develpment efforts. To accomplish this we created a NEW company and named it more appropriately in line with what PiP is all about, that is; technology – connecting people. Nothing changes with regards to current and future plans. Both companies, owned and operated by Rodney Brace, will work together to develop and market leading edge products and services.

PiP Associates will continue to receive the same level of support and dedication to making PiP the “one to watch” program. The only change is the company name. So, further commission payments will be sent out from Hyphen Tech Inc. and product purchases will be made payable to Hyphen Tech Inc.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get back to what’s REALLY important, increasing cash flow and enjoying MORE time freedom.

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