The Beginning – Ironically

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Today marks the beginning (ironically) of a journey that began more than a year ago. Let me explain.


In August of 2013 I set out to create a MLM opportunity that would serve the members in a way that no other MLM was doing. I wasn’t trying to re-invent the wheel by starting a MLM business because, Lord knows, there’s plenty of MLM opportunities online and offline.

I’ve been around MLM since 1999 (working this type of business full time) and I’ve seen a lot of compensation plans. What I discovered about many of these plans is that they benefit the company, oftentimes, more than they benefit the members. I wanted to change that and so my journey began.

It took more than a year to get to this point where my team and I felt we had the “best kept secret” in the MLM world of compensation plans.


The details of our comp plan I will not outline here, simply because it’s covered elsewhere on the website as well as in great detail during our daily webinars. Suffice it to say, our purge and compression feature will have other MLM comp plans shaking in disbelief. Why? Because we dare to do what others won’t. That is, we eliminate breakage and don’t allow “dead wood” to remain in the module. This ensures we payout MORE than other comp plans who allow breakage and dead wood to remain.

So, why did I start off saying this is the beginning of a journey that started more than a year ago? Because today, October 7, 2014 we open our doors to the public so anyone who wants to increase their cash flow can do so. We are ready. The products are state-of-the-art. The comp plan is every MLMer’s “chocolate.” Yes, it’s that good.

Check us out. Begin your journey with us.

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