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Audio Video Conference! State of the art HTML5 presentation conference software. Hosted in the cloud for better user experience and security. All the features you need, including document uploading, PowerPoint, recording, video conferencing and more. Welcome to the future of online conferencing.

KwikiChat! When visitors on your website want answers they want it NOW! If you don't give it to them then they are off to Google to find your competitor. KwikiChat connects people on your website instantly with you on your smartphone without you having to give them your cell phone number. Make more sales and increase your business sign ups.

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Audio Video Email by Hyphen Tech Inc is Helping People Make Money From Home.

Audio Video Email! If it's worth saying in your head and writing in an email then simply say it out loud and record it as an audio or video email. Video is HOT. People will watch videos more than they will read emails, so get your message across right the first time with our audio video email service. Your recipients can reply using audio or video as well.

VAPPSY! This is our mobile Video App System. Your customers and clients can download the app for free and record their recommendations, and/or testimonials, from their smartphones and tablets and then upload them to VAPPSY's video player on your website. They can record their videos at their leisure with no pressure.

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